Diving through hundreds of blog posts daily, so you don’t have to. Here are the highlights:

Teen Dreams Fulfilled at Calvin Klein Menswear: The house of Calvin Klein certainly knows how to get the PR machine going-

New York Fashion Week | Calvin Klein Fall 2010: Loved the high neck trend that could be seen in everything from the pieces with hoods to just the extremely tall collars. It’s hard to see in these shots, but I put up a couple from the show yesterday, check out for those shots-

Anna Wintour Liked Patrik Ervell’s Transparent Latex and Rubber Raincoats:

Fve Things The Cut Liked This Weekend:

Phillip Lim Fall 2010: My favorite men’s collection so far-

Takeshy Kurosawa SS10: Loved this editorial. It’s a short one, but the styling, photography and models formed my perfection trifecta.

Boot Up With Prabal Gurung, Peter Som, and Alexander Wang: If you haven’t seen the Peter Som show yet do NOT delay and go to it RIGHT NOW!

Vogue China | Patricia van der Vliet: Asia really is where it’s at right now for cutting edge fashion.

On The Road | Eniko Mihalik: The shoes in this spread are amazing! And great inspiration if you ever feel like rocking a leotard.

Patrick Ervell Fall 2010: Definitely some strong pieces in here. See if you agree with Anna.

Tavi at Alexander Wang: I know she is the “it” blogger and all, but does anyone else thing she resembles a grandma a little?

Fate of McQueen Label Uncertain:

Fall Faces Are Makeupless: A great trend for the youthful… Lets see how the older demographic of fashion responds-



I go through countless blogs every day to keep up on what is going on in the world of fashion. So I figure, why not collect my favorite posts of the day, so you don’t have to go through all of those blogs yourself? Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!
-Andrew J

Daniel Vosovic Sturggles to Find 15 Asian Models; I personally find this story to be extremely telling as to the state of Asian models in the fashion industry-

 Preview Herbst 2010 Wildfox Couture; Because honestly, who isn’t a sucker for a glittery skull? Seriously though, I can’t wait to see more from this campaign, it looks fun and very well shot.-

Anja Rubik ab.f.z Spring 2010 Campaign; Girls get some really amazing and fun wearable fashion. This line is perfect for the city girl this spring/summer.-

Claudia Schiffer and Joseph Gorden Levit; This campaign has been out for a while, but it’s a really great editorial that I find extremely sexy without being too “out there” about it.-

Fashion Week Opening Day Shows;

Fashion Week- Feb 12th Shows;

The Boys of Tony Jones Model Management; Some really great shots of some very fresh faced models. My favorite is #8 aka 2nd from the bottom-

Wiktor Hansson; Beautiful black and whites. Just a short one, but it’s a great post by Excellent Male Model-

The Supermodel Experience, Naomi Campbell; Back in 1994 with Naomi Campbell… she was truly stunning.-

Lyden James; Some very inspirational looks for Spring 2010-


Tragic news has struck the fashion industry. British fashion designer, Alexander McQueen. has committed suicide today.

A Handy Guide to Fashion Week’s Live Streams: This will really come in handy during Fashion Week-

Daniel Arsani; MATSUO “Herve More Mariage”:

WeSC x Mode 2 Capsule Collection: Love the collaboration-

The Hit List- Designers to Watch:

 J. Lindeberg Fall 2010 | Huge Sauzay: In love with almost every piece in this collection

Baby Dust- Yuri Pleskun & Nicole Erber by Steven Chu: I’m not a huge fan of Yuri, but a great shoot non the less-

Ryan Bertroche and Joan Pedrola by Matthew Kristall: This shoot is extremely beautiful-

Hard Work: I love this model blog that River does. It’s a great way to get some insight on the real lives of models-…%29

Sean O’Pry for Emporio Armani Eyewear: Is it tacky to like your own post? Maybe, but an amazing model in an amazing ad-


Breaking News; I just heard about all of the drama that went down with Nick Snider and the Arkansas police (thank you Nicolas for being my ever in touch fashion go to haha). So APPARENTLY Snider got arrested for public intoxication in Arkansas and offered something along the lines of; “I’ll suck your dick and balls if you let me go… I’m a very famous model.”

Really? Wow…

Didn’t work, but his bail was only set at $780. VNY Model Management helped him out, and made a statement that this isn’t the first time they have helped Snider out… In Nicolas’s words “I think homeboy might have a problem.”  Well put… well put.

I think it will probably only help his career and I see him booking something like a D&G campaign with homoerotic undertones with cops. Time shall tell.

You may best know Snider from his Prada campaigns

But he probably was rocking something a lot more along the lines of this party get-up when arrested.

So yeah this is kinda what I see in his future, only background is a city street, include cop uniforms, and put him in place of the girl haha. Only time will tell… Have a great weekend everyone!


Last night Nicolas came over and we really spent the entire evening talking about all things fashion. From the Vogue Italia I picked up earlier in the day (with the sure to be iconic MiselPic photo spread), to all of our favorite models. A couple surprises were brought up in conversation actually and I thought I would pay a little tribute to; Anjelica Huston from the ’70s, Jennifer Garner in W, and one of the loves of my life, Coco Rocha. Enjoy!
-Andrew J

This pic of Garner is what started the whole conversation actually. Love the expression and how the skirt flares out in the back

Who would know little Jennifer could turn out such great photo’s?!?


I’m obviously a sucker for that kind of “cat eye” make-up because this is my favorite pic of Rocha. However…

I prefer Rocha with that fiery red hair

Here is Rocha wearing a piece from her new clothing line when she hosted ET Canada’s coverage of the Grammy’s

If you are not sure you like Coco Rocha, or are not familiar with her, first off blasphemy, second off; I insist that you look at this video right now! Coco Rocha Bounce-


My friend Colin just this second brought the Monique Lhuillier Pre-Fall 2010 line to my attention with the headline of a “fashion orgasm”. So of course, with hype like that, I had to look into it. He didn’t embelish anything! The collection heavily encorporates two of my three favorite colors; black and gold. So enjoy!
-Andrew J

Favorite! Hands down.

If she isn’t red carpet heaven, I don’t know who is.

Really love this look as well. It’s kinda Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


What is there really to say about these guys? They are my favorite new-ish models of the moment.

Francisco Lachowski

Oscar Spendrup

Thomas Hoefnagels

It took me forever to find out who the model was in this short film I saw on StyleCaster called Fly By Night, but one of my friends informed me that it was Lyle Lodwick