When I saw the shoes above at Bergdorf Goodman today I immediately sent a picture to my friend Nicolas who I know loves all things Lanvin and would definitely appreciate these. I think I called them something like the “Lanvin genius shoe” or something. After chatting about them for a couple minutes, he redirected my attention to some of the other items he liked in the Fall 2010 show and strongly encouraged me to check them out. So here are some of my favorite detail shots from the Lanvin Fall/Winter 2010 show.
-Andrew J

I want these boots yesterday! Not even kidding.

What I really like about this line from Lanvin is that is subtly incorporates color, be it a stretch of green on the shoe, to a dark yellow pattern on a otherwise dark sweater. It’s just a great overall season for Lanvin Men’s.

See these orange gloves are a perfect example, can be worn with an all black, conservative outfit just to be a statement piece without hitting people over the head. It says; I have style, but I don’t have to flaunt it.

I love this so much it’s ended up in my “inspiration” folder. Denim is definitely everywhere right now, and this is a nice denim look but still canvas. I love the double wrapped belt as well!


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