Tragic news has struck the fashion industry. British fashion designer, Alexander McQueen. has committed suicide today.

A Handy Guide to Fashion Week’s Live Streams: This will really come in handy during Fashion Week-

Daniel Arsani; MATSUO “Herve More Mariage”:

WeSC x Mode 2 Capsule Collection: Love the collaboration-

The Hit List- Designers to Watch:

 J. Lindeberg Fall 2010 | Huge Sauzay: In love with almost every piece in this collection

Baby Dust- Yuri Pleskun & Nicole Erber by Steven Chu: I’m not a huge fan of Yuri, but a great shoot non the less-

Ryan Bertroche and Joan Pedrola by Matthew Kristall: This shoot is extremely beautiful-

Hard Work: I love this model blog that River does. It’s a great way to get some insight on the real lives of models-…%29

Sean O’Pry for Emporio Armani Eyewear: Is it tacky to like your own post? Maybe, but an amazing model in an amazing ad-


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