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Breaking News; I just heard about all of the drama that went down with Nick Snider and the Arkansas police (thank you Nicolas for being my ever in touch fashion go to haha). So APPARENTLY Snider got arrested for public intoxication in Arkansas and offered something along the lines of; “I’ll suck your dick and balls if you let me go… I’m a very famous model.”

Really? Wow…

Didn’t work, but his bail was only set at $780. VNY Model Management helped him out, and made a statement that this isn’t the first time they have helped Snider out… In Nicolas’s words “I think homeboy might have a problem.”  Well put… well put.

I think it will probably only help his career and I see him booking something like a D&G campaign with homoerotic undertones with cops. Time shall tell.

You may best know Snider from his Prada campaigns

But he probably was rocking something a lot more along the lines of this party get-up when arrested.

So yeah this is kinda what I see in his future, only background is a city street, include cop uniforms, and put him in place of the girl haha. Only time will tell… Have a great weekend everyone!