Welcome to Fashion Chatter, just a real quick introduction so I can get on with the first post. I decided to start this blog becuase I realized this morning just HOW important fashion is to me in my life. I run a blog Me & Marisa about personal style and trends and sometimes I have my friends who have an interest in fashion come and write guest blogs. I also realized, looking through my text messages, how MUCH I talk about fashion. It’s all the time, and same with a lot of my friends. So I decided to take this “Fashion Chatter” that goes on in my daily life and turn it into a blog where I post things that my friends and I discuss on all things fashion; from models, to designers, runway shows, shoes, trends, you name it.  Hopefully you enjoy what we bring to the blog. I very much look forward to hearing from all of you readers as I think it’s the conversation about fashion and getting people’s different takes on things that really makes it so interesting.
-Andrew J


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