Last night Nicolas came over and we really spent the entire evening talking about all things fashion. From the Vogue Italia I picked up earlier in the day (with the sure to be iconic MiselPic photo spread), to all of our favorite models. A couple surprises were brought up in conversation actually and I thought I would pay a little tribute to; Anjelica Huston from the ’70s, Jennifer Garner in W, and one of the loves of my life, Coco Rocha. Enjoy!
-Andrew J

This pic of Garner is what started the whole conversation actually. Love the expression and how the skirt flares out in the back

Who would know little Jennifer could turn out such great photo’s?!?


I’m obviously a sucker for that kind of “cat eye” make-up because this is my favorite pic of Rocha. However…

I prefer Rocha with that fiery red hair

Here is Rocha wearing a piece from her new clothing line when she hosted ET Canada’s coverage of the Grammy’s

If you are not sure you like Coco Rocha, or are not familiar with her, first off blasphemy, second off; I insist that you look at this video right now! Coco Rocha Bounce-


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